Is there an app like BlaBlaCar in the United States?

While dozens have launched somewhat similar apps to BlaBlaCar in the US, there still doesn’t exist an app exactly like BlaBlaCar in the United States that is popular enough to provide the same quality (and availability) of rides.

That being said – there’s one that’s trying – and you found our blog! Nice to meet you, we’re Hovr.

We’ve been on a mission since 2015 to create an app similar (but we hope even better) than BlaBlaCar to the United States and Canada.

We believe that BlaBlaCar hasn’t launched here due to cultural differences between the United States and Canada and other countries where BlaBlaCar operates. North Americans tend to prefer private personal vehicles over public transportation, and gas prices are affordable, even for long drives. In contrast, in other countries, public transportation is more widely available, and communal transportation such as carpooling is seen as a way to save money and reduce environmental impact. This has been driven in large part due to gas being historically more expensive in Europe.

While it is possible that BlaBlaCar may eventually expand to the United States and Canada, we believe their strategy is buying established competitors – which they can’t do unless there is one – and in North America, we are basically it. So it you want BlaBla here, they best way to get it is to start supporting Hovr 🙂

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