About Hovr

The mission is simple: help North America carpool by providing the best app ever created for real ride sharing.

Reduce carbon emissions

Carpooling is the #1 way people living in North America can reduce their carbon footprint.

Make travel more accessible

For people who don’t like to fly, can’t drive, or can’t afford to fly – long-distance carpooling provides an extremely valuable service.

Reduce traffic

Wide carpooling adoption has a direct and noticeable correlation to traffic reduction.

Make friends & positive social experiences

A study by BlaBlaCar, the leading carpool app in Europe, proved that carpooling has a healthy social impact for participants.

Be the change. We can’t do it without you.

If you’re reading this – you’re extremely early to the revolution, and that makes you a critical part of it. Find out how you can help North America adopt carpooling as a way of life.

The Team

The dreamers

Breezy Baldwin

An avid traveler, Breezy’s mission in life is to make travel more sustainable and green.


Bio coming soon

Roxana Simons

Bio coming soon


Our Mission & Vision


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European values

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Social impact

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Our Partners

Coming soon. Want to partner with us? Drop us a line on the contact page.