Explore North America with new friends

Did you know that in Europe, long-distance carpooling is a popular transportation method? Over 100 million Europeans travel by carpooling annually. Our goal is to make that happen in the US & Canada as well.


Choose the place and time

As a driver, you post long-distance drives you are already planning to take.


Driver & rider match

As a rider, you request to join a trip & then pay when approved.


Have a fun & green drive

You journey together, saving carbon emissions, reducing traffic, and making new friends!

Where To DRIVE


We’re currently available in North America

The most active locations of Hovr currently are California, Oregon, New York and Florida. Stay tuned here on our blog for location updates, or better yet, be an advocate for long-distance carpooling in your community!

Safe for backpackers

Are you backpacker that doesn’t live in North America but you’re looking for a safe way to get around that isn’t hitchhiking? Look no further. This app was built for you too.

Make mountain trips cheaper & more fun

Traveling to the mountains? It doesn’t matter if you’re snowboarding, skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, mountain climbing or some other great mountain activity – find a road trip adventure buddy doing the same thing and going the same place to save money by carpooling. As an added bonus you make new friends with the same hobbies!

Breezy Baldwin

Founder of Hovr

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Growing the carpooling community across Canada and North America is our goal. We’re going to make it happen, but we need you to help us!